"Preparing for my third marathon, this time I wanted to find a complementary training to counterbalance all the running. I've been attending Sumara's Essentrics classes on zoom since January (1x-2x/week) and feel great!! The dynamic stretches have improved my core strength, posture and flexibility. Sumara is passionate about Essentrics and her feedbacks are super helpful and motivating." - Fabienne, age 29

"I've been doing online Essentrics classes with Sumara for two months and I've noticed a huge improvement in my balance and range of motion, as well as a decrease in neck and back pain. I have a lot of problems with chronic tension and nerve compression. Doing the wrong type of workout can really set me back. The gentle tone classes are perfect for me. She uses wonderful descriptions and analogies during each movement, which help with body awareness. Sumara's passion for Essentrics and helping people is obvious. I highly recommend her classes!" - Lisa, age 36

"This class is perfect to work all articulations in my body. Thanks Sumara, you are really looking at us and correcting us, which is perfect!" - Paula age 60 & Stéphan, age 59

"Sumara is a very attentive teacher. She explains everything well to make sure you get the best out of her class. I have really enjoyed jumping on my zoom early in the morning to get my Essentrics class in." - Kylah, age 37

"That class was amazing! I feel stronger and straighter just after 30 minutes. Thank you Sumara!" - Donna, age 72

"Sumara is the best teacher! She's energetic, patient and passionate. I feel stronger and more in tune with my body after every class!" - Megan, age 34

"Before meeting Sumara I had no idea Essentrics existed. Not only did Sumara introduce it to me but also helped me out through severe body aches and helped me gain flexibility. I really enjoy her classes because the way she explains it all makes it so much easier for me to do it." - Aashini, age 27

"That Essentrics Gentle Stretch class was very relaxing and it worked my muscles without it being too draining. You feel so good after! Also, Sumara is a great instructor always making sure we do the right movements, giving tips and making sure everyone feels comfortable within their own limits." - Rosalie, age 17

"I love the 1-hour format. This helps you to go more deeply (but still gently!) in the stretches and I feel so good afterwards. Sumara is a great instructor with good advice and taking care of all her students even remotely." - Solenn, age 43

"It was relaxing and intense at the same time. I felt so energized afterwards. Also it clears my brain fog. Highly recommended for any gender to try it." - Darika, age 39